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FLLR 032 - Hang On The Box

  DVD sampler supplied by psycherelics.  This is not filler per se but in the context of what I was provided it seemed to be a fun extra item for me to digest.  This is why I do this. The contents have been transcoded in Handbrake and are available here to view (MP4s) A close friend of mine has provided the following opinion. Now, Hang On The Box ARE worth viewing a few times. I have a soft spot for Asian girl led bands but being from China is an entirely different kettle of sweet and sour octopussy.  Hope these gals are careful and their families don't find them "missing" under a repressive government. I hope so too but believe they are still alive and kicking!  My local newspaper wrote about them back in 2003. There's a 27 video playlist if you want more, most of these videos (except for "There Is A City")   were on there. All the rest of these are already online, and I suspect the DVD was compiled from the YouTube clips...a few of them have since shown