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FLLR 011 - New Order Tapes (part 5)

New Order tapes part 5 of unknown Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest. FLLR011 - 01 various FLLR011 - 02 Sooner Than You Think (cuts) Pictured is the tape where the full recording of this show resides.  These tracks were excerpts from a 90 minute soundcheck and were filler added to the end of this tape, "+SOUNDCHECK excerpt". This is accounted as the best performance of all of their Australian '87 shows. FLLR011 - 03 Bizarre Love Triangle (full) An excerpt from my old notes: Here, I've provided BLT from my old source in full. I decided against trying to make a patch due to the vast different in SQ, and I also wanted to preserve the integrity of Tim C.'s cassette (you can otherwise leave these out and put the gig tracks on one CD and the s/c with the rest of the filler on the other) Tim C. was an associate who generously spotted me a huge archive of recordings over the years, incl

FLLR 010 - New Order tapes (part 4)

New Order tapes part 4 of unknown Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest. FLLR010 - 01 Warsaw - You're No Good For Me "Don't know what I'm doing - don't know where I'm going Leading me to ruin - I should have traded you in Yeah, you think you're something but you're no good for me..." Quite an enjoyable little ditty.  Listening to this in isolation, you'd have no idea that this 1977-era punk tune would lead onto the majesty of Joy Division, rather than a bunch of blokes that got together to record a few tracks just for the fun of it. FLLR010 - 02 'Shooting On The Move'   (megamix that incorporates Prime 5-8-6) Quite a strange blend of 'Prime 5-8-6' with some samples / soundtrack material not far removed from a chilled out Cabaret Voltaire cum ACR in their Tribeca NYC loft.  I'm sure if I kept better track, I'd have a better idea of its provenance. FLLR010 - 03 Wild