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FLLR DAT-02 - (More From) A Box of DATs

My project for much of last year was to transfer a huge cache of DATs (pictured above) that contain much that likely has already been put out there but also seems to have quite a bit that has not. So of course here at the whole point isn't to present these (they will go through the usual channels) but instead, anything that wasn't listed on either the spine or in an insert, grouped in digestible bites of songs. So without any further ado, here's more from whence the first set ( FLLR DAT-01 ) came from... Starting off with 20 seconds of what appears to sound like keyboard typing ...wait, is that right?  I guess that's what it is. Next we have six Cure B-Sides, included here because most of this is supposed to be live material so this can't be anything but filler, even if it does appear on the J-Card. Lament (Flexipop version) Airiel (spelled various ways) from the 1982 Kid Jensen session Purple Haze (Hendrix), which first appeared on the Stone Free (a