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FLLR 036 - All About Eve - 7 Apr 1988 - Vrendenburg, Utrecht

  All About Eve 1988-04-07 Vrendenburg Utrecht The Netherlands Setlist 00 intro   [0:27] 01 What Kind Of Fool (instrumental)  [1:33] 02 Every Angel  [3:40] 03 Candy Tree  [2:51] 04 Never Promise  [4:01] 05 In The Clouds  [3:29] 06 Flowers In Our Hair  [3:51] 07 Shelter From The Rain  [5:29] 08 Wild Hearted Woman  [3:22] 09 In The Meadow  [5:56] Total  34:53   This was filler on another New Order tape in my collection.  It's the only thing I have by them, it seems. They were opening for the Mission (UK). The listing that came with my tape (Nth gen) didn't document "What Kind Of Fool" but had that covered .     Documented on the All About Eve gigography site ... mine runs a minute and a half shorter so either the one used for the site is slow or mine is fast, or maybe the truth is somewhere in between. FLLR 036 - Download / Stream / Share (pCloud)