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FLLR 003 - New Order + ACR bits and bobs

Our third post in, and we have a bunch of miscellaneous, simply -lovely- Factory filler for you. New Order end their Saturday Live performance (which otherwise won't feature here, you can readily find this on YouTube) with a tease of Smokey Robinson's "My Girl" - A1 Then the band, appearing in an MTV Tokyo interview when they played Japan in February of 1987, talk about some of their quite innovative and remarkable music videos - A2 A3  - Then the video mix of 'Confusion' is featured, which you can hear here (hear hear!) Or you can watch the actual video, which Warners has generously (to make a few dollars from their catalog) shared online. What struck me when I first saw this video (on the Substance 1989 video compilation) is that you could clearly see the name of the person featured getting ready to go to the show, at about 1:25 in, as this clip coveniently reveals.  ALISE BITIC.   And incredibly enough, here she is today, now

FLLR 002 - Christofollies

Second post in, and I'm already breaking rules.  While I called this thing TAPEFILLER, I didn't also consider CDs could also have filler too.  In this case, it's not entirely untoward, as the source of this show *is* after all, from tape. My notes, as authored for the original share on a certain ROIO lossless music site of some repute : Christofollies (Chris Knox of Tall Dwarfs and members of Birds Nest Roys) 1985-10-28 Auckland, NZ NOTE: this recording is one song and is only 10:02 in length, so there is nothing to tracksplit. Notes say this was taped by DAP (crankingamps) on October 28th, 1985 at an unidentified venue in Auckland. Extracted from a CD-R GaoBest provided me in 2003, likely digitized from the master cassette. lammah Erstwhile observant auto_pilot had noted in the thread: The Chills official website has some further information on this show, including a likely line-up for the band: 28/10/198

FLLR 001 - JD Covers + Rehearsals

Sounds like a good time to kick off a new blog. First up.... These selections came from tapes which were acquired off eBay .  For the most part, what’s depicted is bog standard for Joy Division / New Order live tape trading circa mid-'80s...the dates are familiar to anybody who's collected these live cassettes as their stock in trade...there were in fact several interesting items, but that's for a different write-up. I don't precisely know what came from where, but one can only imagine.  In fact, one will *have* to, as these were taken from assorted tapes in this collection. FLLR A1 - LWTUA - rehearsal/cover (cut)  Artist/band unknown.  Appears on the blue tape here. FLLR A2 - New Dawn Fades cover (clip).  Artist/band unknown. On the purple tape below. A1.  A live show?  A rehearsal?  Lost in the mists of time.   Inspired by their favorite band of all time, they give it maybe a half-dozen of their mates? Also includes a little bit of New