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FLLR 033 - Section 25 tapes (part 1)

Firstly, the main course (the Section 25 gig) is on Youtube.  You can watch it below.  It got a thumbs up from none other than Fractured / Image who has been doing yeoman's work with his own sharing. The assemblage of "filler" is actually taken from multiple tapes as there are multiple recordings of this show. Remember the tagline:  "Between what you wanted and the end of the tape..."  this site is devoted (though may not be limited to) the effort to fill every inch of tape with whatever good bad ugly or downright bizarre sounds are out there. First up, the encore track of New Order's Reading Uni 8th May 1981 gig, which you can watch on YouTube.  The tracks there are split, whereas on the tape, they run together. Next up, two tracks from a 2000 Götterdämerung broadcast.  I'll link to the video, but I can't watch it in the USA since it's blocked by WMG due to copyright, at least without trying to defeat the geolocation YouTube uses to determine w