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FLLR 034 - New Order Tapes (part 14)

  Our next installment of Tape Filler includes three tranches of material, extracted from TDK and Maxell tapes.   - Pet Shop Boys remixes from 1984 (tracks 1-3) - An incendiary Hüsker Dü radio broadcast from 1987 (tracks 4-10) - Audio from New Order's 1986 "The Tube" broadcast (tracks 11-13) Here's a needledrop of the first PSB remix....a mashup of "West End Girls" with Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night"... Also found a 7" edit, I've made the link smaller to simulate the actual size of a seven inch platter compared to its 12" big brother. What's interesting is that "One More Chance" is a remix that I wasn't initially able to find on YT, it's actually about 4:38 in length (the remaining seven seconds is just silence).  This is definitely *not* the original Bobby Orlando mix, which can be heard below. Update:  It's been spotted.  Thanks Robert!  Discogs used to have a beta feature where you could easily com