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FLLR 015 - New Order Tapes (part 9)

New Order tapes part 9 of unknown. Again, who knows when this stops, if anything ever stops.  Life never does, even when you reach your ultimate destination, which for everybody is death, of course.  This "New Order Story" is inundated with deaths, first of Ian Curtis (1980), and then Martin Hannett (1991), Robert Leo Gretton (1999), Anthony H. Wilson (2007), and Malcolm Whitehead (2019). FLLR015 - A1 Ceremony [FAC33 a-side] One song I never get tired of hearing, in any context.  Galaxie 500 covered this song, which is arguably their most well-known song.  This live version is taken from Club Lingerie in Hollywood CA at the end of March 1990. Cool Spacement 3 shirt. A more recent rendition from Dean Wareham and friends , done for KXLU 88.9 FM in Lost Angeles. Even Radiohead cannot completely shame themselves here.  "Thank you very much, now what?" indeed. FLLR015 - A2 Broken Promise [University Of London Union 25 Oct 1985] On the source I pulle