FLLR 015 - New Order Tapes (part 9)

New Order tapes part 9 of unknown.

Again, who knows when this stops, if anything ever stops.  Life never does, even when you reach your ultimate destination, which for everybody is death, of course.  This "New Order Story" is inundated with deaths, first of Ian Curtis (1980), and then Martin Hannett (1991), Robert Leo Gretton (1999), Anthony H. Wilson (2007), and Malcolm Whitehead (2019).

FLLR015 - A1 Ceremony [FAC33 a-side]

One song I never get tired of hearing, in any context.  Galaxie 500 covered this song, which is arguably their most well-known song.  This live version is taken from Club Lingerie in Hollywood CA at the end of March 1990.

Cool Spacement 3 shirt.

A more recent rendition from Dean Wareham and friends, done for KXLU 88.9 FM in Lost Angeles.

Even Radiohead cannot completely shame themselves here.  "Thank you very much, now what?" indeed.

FLLR015 - A2 Broken Promise [University Of London Union 25 Oct 1985]

On the source I pulled this from, it was mislabelled as "Way Of Life" for some odd reason. 
I've correctly labelled it.

Bernard introduces this song in the following fashion:

"This is a new one, features all guitars, just to prove that we don't need the synthesizers to sound good...but I bet you knew that anyway".

Brotherhood is absolutely sublime but is undone by its terrible sequencing, unless you think of it as two mini-albums, the A-side featuring guitar-based tunes, all of which are strong, and the B-side featuring the terrific Bizarre Love Triangle...presented here in live form in their last great live performance before they (first) called it quits.

FLLR015 - A3 Bizarre Love Triangle [from Reading Festival 30 Aug 1993]

Enjoy the interstitial of a Big Red chewing gum ad.

And then a voiceover from none other than Sice from Boo Radleys...the track "Barney and Me" wearing their gangly/jangly neo-psych proto-Britpop heart on their sleeves...

This is followed by probably one of the most underrated gems in All Day Long.

I recently stumbled into a blog called "newordertracks.wordpress.com"....which correctly labels this as the finest song in the New Order canon.

So don’t tell me about politics,
Or all the problems of our economics,
When you can’t look after what you can’t own,
You scream and shout all day long.

Unfortunately, there was only downhill for both Brotherhood (the last two tracks Angel Dust and Every Little Counts are forgettable in comparison) and for Bernard's lyrics from the heights represented here.  At least the next track presented is an instrumental!

FLLR015 - A4 The Happy One [from Substance VHS]

There's a French promo that has all the bits on this VHS as 'Intermede Musical' segments.

There's about 4 different version of Hooky's 'The Other Side Of Midnight' live performance uploaded to YouTube, this is the best/most complete of the bunch...

Only Hooky (and whoever in the crew he dragged along to help him set up) would have the temerity to perform what otherwise would have been a song completely left by the wayside.  This has special meaning to me, which is why it's my YT nom de guerre.

FLLR015 - A5 (10s spacer)

Part One of our presentation ends... part two will now begin, but in a bit more compressed format, starting with FAC 53, but sequenced in reverse order to the actual running order of the 7 inch...maybe it was digitized from the Portuguese copy!

FLLR015 - B1 Everything's Gone Green (7 inch)
FLLR015 - B2 Procession (7 inch)

I just realized this was repeated from FLLR 014...whoops!  As recompense, I'll do a more detailed analysis on the relative values of the 20 or so variants on the sleeve across all countries that issued this 7" release.

I personally only have a couple of the nine different colored sleeves of this issue...the color that's rarest is subject to some debate, but some answers can be found below.  Prices presented in US dollars as befitting my locale.  For the UK, the black coy seems to be the rarest, and blue is most common.  If you have a blue or yellow US copy (vinyl from the UK) you have something quite uncommon, as the only ones logged as sold are the aqua colors and these fetch more $ than their UK versions.  For some odd reason, most other countries go for less, though the NZ blue on light blue color is unique to that country and fetches quite a nice sum.

Aqua Print Sleeve: median $20.00 (last 10 sales)
Black Print Sleeve: median $29.14  (last 10 sales)
Blue Print Sleeve:  median $9.75  (last 10 sales)
Brown Print Sleeve: median $17.08 (last 10 sales)
Green Print Sleeve: median $15.18 (last 10 sales)
Orange Print Sleeve: median $19.62 (last 10 sales)
Purple Print Sleeve: median $20.25 (last 10 sales)
Red Print Sleeve: median $21.00 (last 10 sales)
Yellow Print Sleeve: median $14.99 (last 10 sales)

White Label:  $15.19 (only one sale on record)

Aqua Print Sleeve:  median $27.66  (4 sales)
Blue Print Sleeve:  none recorded as sold!
Yellow Print Sleeve: none recorded as sold!

Blue Print Sleeve: median $12.65  (5 sales)

Black Print Sleeve:  median $19.34  (10 sales)

New Zealand:
Blue on light blue cover:  median $62.47  (8 sales)

Aqua Print Sleeve:  median $11.49  (10 sales) - swapped A/B
Blue Print Sleeve:  median $10.01  (10 sales) - correct A/B

Blue Print Sleeve: median $13.96  (7 sales)

Next up, Saturday Live 25 Aug 1984 tracks, from the BBC FM and TV simulcast...

FLLR015 - C1 Sooner Than You Think
FLLR015 - C2 Age Of Consent
FLLR015 - C3 Blue Monday
FLLR015 - C4 In A Lonely Place
FLLR016 - C5 Temptation

Video versions of three of the songs here...couldn't find BM or Temptation as BBC Worldwide have blocked these, as detailed herein, but audio versions can indeed be found readily.

Sooner Than You Think

Age Of Consent

In A Lonely Place

FLLR015 - D1 Love Will Tear Us Apart (live 09 May 1983 Tower Ballroom, Birmingham)

We close with the first of New Order playing a Joy Division song, they opened with this song, in "honor" of Rob Gretton's birthday if you believe Hooky's pronouncement at the end, as he was actually born on January 15th, so the band were having a bit of a joke here...with Gillian quite dramatically flubbing the keyboard intro.

Here's some more recollections from a couple of the Doves guys...as well as from other MCR / Factory-related notables...

All the tracks can be downloaded together here.


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