FLLR DAT-01 - A Box of DATs

My project for this part of the year is to transfer a huge cache of DATs (pictured above) that contain much that likely has already been put out there but also seems to have quite a bit that has not.

So of course here at tapefiller.org the whole point isn't to present these (they will go through the usual channels) but instead, anything that wasn't listed on either the spine or in an insert, grouped in digestible bites of songs.

So without any further ado, here's the first set.

Nirvana - Return Of The Rat (The Wipers).  

The description can tell it to you better than I can... looks like the taper/compiler had a copy of the Eight Songs For Greg Sage and the Wipers comp.

Hole - Over The Edge (The Wipers) [cut]

It's probably not becoming to give any credence to any conspiracy theories about Kurt's passing but let's just say reading about the possibilities did pass the time for me one warm summer nearly 30 years ago...Amusing to see the guy still at it...though I think you can surmise from "Other than a brief mention of Courtney Love's filing of the missing persons report, her name is irrelevant for the purpose of listing these major issues of negligence, cover-up, destruction of evidence, and outright corruption by the 1994 and 2014 Seattle authorities" that naturally that someone didn't quite appreciate being implicated in the death of her paramour and took a legal 2x4 to the guy.

Makes me wonder if any of the people involved in the "Cobain Case" then graduated onto 9/11...

The next set of tracks are an excerpt from a live Blur set containing the following tracks:

Chemical World (start cut) / There's No Other Way / To the End (La Comedie) / Advert

That sequencing occurs for the following Parklife tour shows:

1994-09-15 - Venus De Milo, Boston

So it could either be one of those, or one that we don't have the setlist for.  I'll leave it to the Blur sleuths to try to precisely ID this one.

This is followed by a great live acoustic set from a group called Riverside that appeared on Live 105 from what I'd guess back around the time One was released in 1992.  

Really good album, sounding like The Ocean Blue (they too were from Pennsylvania) because I read it was produced by one of the band members.  Too bad the start of Galaxie was cut on here, but at least James and Waterfall are complete.

Was a bit startled to see that Riverside were still active and touring!  Here's a clip of them from last October at The Regent!

And then last but certainly (not) least, that cry-baby son of a... himself, Morrissey.

We have for this fragment:

intro / Billy Budd (afflicted with azimuth alignment issues likely on the audience cassette master) / Have-a-Go Merchant / Spring Heeled Jim / You're The One For Me Fatty / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Whatever Happens, I Love You (cut)

I won't belabor an already long writeup, but this looks to have been from February 1995, but more precise dating I haven't yet determined.

To listen to / download, just go here:


  1. Hi that is a nice box of DATs from the 90's you have there. I personally have 100's of Masters from many of those same bands that I have not gotten to transferring yet. I also have a very extensive Cure, New Order and Morrissey list as I have been collecting for 35 years. Happy to open it up to you. Would it be possible to get a rip of 1 or 2 of those shows in the picture?

    1. Yeah, go ahead and ask away. Comments are moderated, but I do get notified. You can provide me with better contact details therein, and can pass more details to you that way.

    2. Please contact me by using my username here at the google place.


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