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FLLR 014 - New Order Tapes (part 8)

New Order tapes part 8 of unknown. I'm not sure when this series will end, maybe when I run out of tapes to go through, or people stop sticking filler at the end.  CD-R compilations are not dissimilar but somehow in the digital realm, there's less of a predilection to mix-and-match since everything is short attention-span theater anyway, as people go from one YouTube link or another or hop six ways until Sunday through on Spotify playlist or another. FLLR014 - 01 hiss floors One of the things you'd listen to in order to determine tape lineage, meaning how many times a particular recording has been copied around. FLLR014 - 02 Atmosphere (870402 Woolwich Coronet) FLLR014 - 03 Do The Ostrich (870402 Woolwich Coronet) The encore tracks for this particular show.  The same recording as above for "Do The Ostrich" (a pre-Velvets Lou Reed composition credited to "The Primitives" not to be confused with the late-80s band trading under the same name) is