FLLR 014 - New Order Tapes (part 8)

New Order tapes part 8 of unknown.

I'm not sure when this series will end, maybe when I run out of tapes to go through, or people stop sticking filler at the end.  CD-R compilations are not dissimilar but somehow in the digital realm, there's less of a predilection to mix-and-match since everything is short attention-span theater anyway, as people go from one YouTube link or another or hop six ways until Sunday through on Spotify playlist or another.

FLLR014 - 01 hiss floors

One of the things you'd listen to in order to determine tape lineage, meaning how many times a particular recording has been copied around.

FLLR014 - 02 Atmosphere (870402 Woolwich Coronet)
FLLR014 - 03 Do The Ostrich (870402 Woolwich Coronet)

The encore tracks for this particular show.  The same recording as above for "Do The Ostrich" (a pre-Velvets Lou Reed composition credited to "The Primitives" not to be confused with the late-80s band trading under the same name) is also featured on YouTube if you prefer to hear that one.  I believe it probably derives from the same recording.

"The Ostrich" refers to the same-note guitar tuning utilized by both he and John Cale as part of their experiments with drone music.  The latter recognized the connection between what Lou was doing and some of the work he was involved with, and there you go, modern music is born.

The debt that Joy Division / New Order to the Velvet Underground hasn't been fully acknowledged, the most significant being the mix of the sublime and the sordid, as well as a woman in what was a heavily male-dominated endeavor.

By the way, I have a poster of this sets of pics, one of the most iconic of the band.  It's not without reason Hooky's head is touching the actual piling.

FLLR014 - 04 The Eternal (800229 Lyceum 'Komackino' boot LP - nth gen tape)
FLLR014 - 05 Heart And Soul (cut - 800229 Lyceum 'Komackino' boot LP - nth gen tape)

Joy Division's Lyceum show from a day that only happens as a quadrennial to me stands as their ultimate peek, after playing successful shows earlier that month, and on the eve of what would sadly turn out to be their swansong.  This is likely a copy of a tape copy of bootleg LP, which is had prior to the easy (too easy!) search-and-stream of today's reality.

Here's where it happened...

FLLR014 - 06 Everything's Gone Green (FAC53b)
FLLR014 - 07 Procession (FAC53a)

This is an homage (haha, get it!) to mislabelled versions which had EGG identified as the A side track and with Processon as the B side.  Which is maybe how it should have been.

You can hear a much more pristine copy below:

How many of you own all 9 colors of the sleeve?  I maybe have 2-3, don't remember which.  Don't make me dig through my pile of 7 inchers to find out!


There's a US version with this color cover, which may be the most common in the States.

There's a US version with this color cover.  The French version has this color, as does the Portuguese variantSpain, too, all on thick grey carton.   New Zealand's features this color on thin light blue paper.

There's a US version with this color cover, though to me the graphics included with the Discogs entry look to be the aqua version but the Niagara.edu entry seems to state there's a green version as well.

There's also US version with this color cover.   All of these are likely imported UK copies with stickers.

As for rarity, I'm guessing the non-US variants are all equally as uncommon.

FLLR014 - 08 Elegia (live Glastonbury '87)
FLLR014 - 09 Touched By The Hand Of God (cut)

Original radio broadcasts left out this opening track, but they are on audience bootleg versions.  TBTHOG closes out the set, filler to our filler.  I kind of feel I'm phoning them in at this point, I don't have any more lined up for the time being, so perhaps we move onto something completely different for our next pick.

You can download these all together by going here.


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