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FLLR 039 - Misfit Toys

    Misfit Toys - Too Short (version) This is a bit different than the one listed on Discogs , and likely postdates the 1987 effort.   Left as (you guessed it?) tape filler on a New Order live tape.  Courtesy of BV who provided me his collection, and where this is taken from. This doesn't include "Mirror Black (Shadows)" [A3] "Fade To Black" [B2] or "Promise Me" [B3], but instead includes "Someday" and "Domino".   Tracklist   01 Someday  [not on first demo tape] 02 Lost Then Found  [A2 on demo tape] 03 Domino  [not on first demo tape] 04 Tell Me (charted in 1988)  [B1 on demo tape] 05 The Ordinary  [A1 on demo tape]   They were short-lived college rock chartists, but quickly sank into obscurity again until inexplicably, they were rediscovered, which prompted the more recent activity online and this post, as I stumbled into these again.   A potted history:   "The Misfit Toys was founded in Maryland by Ed and Elizabeth Fusco in