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FLLR 009 - New Order tapes (part 3)

New Order tapes part 3 of unknown Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest. FLLR009 - 01 Ceremony (800502, mix AUD-SBD) FLLR009 - 02 24 Hours  (800502) Both of these are from Joy Division's final concert at High Hall in Birmingham.  Obviously, you'll see selections from New Order's previous incarnation, it's unavoidable.  Never understood those who like one over the's the same continuum, and in the case of 'Ceremony' a track that was written as Joy Division and released as New Order. "Ceremony" is a blend from the best-sounding audience version into the "Still" soundboard version, which starts late as it's said the person manning the mixing desk started the tape late. 24 Hours only appears on LP/tape versions...even in 2008, with the Joy Division reissue of "Still"...which believe me, was frustrating.... FLLR009 - 03 Lonesome Tonight (alternate) Not sure w

FLLR 008 - New Order tapes (part 2)

New Order tapes part 2 of unknown Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest. FLLR008 - 01 1984 French interview The band talking to a French (or is it a French-speaking Swiss) person.  The band only seemed to want to avoid the English press.  Fancy that!  Not that you were going to get anything particularly insightful.  "How do you feel about discos, G-illian?"  The band try to righteously correct the interviewer's hard G pronouncing her name into a soft one (this fails, see belows).  Gillian then chirps "They're alright".  He then asked why people prefer gay discos, which is a slightly better question, and the one he probably should have asked to begin with. Actually, I have to give this interviewer some credit for asking if the band felt pissed as being called a disco band, which leaves Stephen repeatedly wondering "what is a disco band"...and simultaneously concluding there's no such