FLLR 008 - New Order tapes (part 2)

New Order tapes
part 2 of unknown

Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest.

The band talking to a French (or is it a French-speaking Swiss) person.  The band only seemed to want to avoid the English press.  Fancy that!  Not that you were going to get anything particularly insightful.  "How do you feel about discos, G-illian?"  The band try to righteously correct the interviewer's hard G pronouncing her name into a soft one (this fails, see belows).  Gillian then chirps "They're alright".  He then asked why people prefer gay discos, which is a slightly better question, and the one he probably should have asked to begin with.

Actually, I have to give this interviewer some credit for asking if the band felt pissed as being called a disco band, which leaves Stephen repeatedly wondering "what is a disco band"...and simultaneously concluding there's no such thing as one but wait!...there's the Thompson Twins!   Hahahaha.  Anyway the whole interview is gold.  "Hard G"-illian, the only woman in the band, is this a problem?  Everyone:  "no".  "So you're accepted as a member of the group, that's it"...Gillian:  "I'm one of the boys, yes."  And here, she is, 30 years on, being interviewed on just this topic...

(don't miss her 'Hooky's a bit strange' anecdote!)

And not to leave her partner bereft, here's an interview of Stephen Morris talking about how he got started, as part of "16 Again"...

FLLR008 - 02 Echo And The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (live, mislabeled as World In Motion)

When dealing with filler, I've sometimes found that sometimes the actual content bears little resemblance to what it is described as.  This is a live recording of fellow travelers the Bunnymen playing their 1987 eponymous album's "hit".  Based on this error, it's safe to say this tape is of early-90s vintage.  Although, I won't swear on my firstborn, this may be from the same Gothenburg Sweden recording (with Ray Manzarek on keyboards) that produced their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black"

At some point, individual parts were available in WAV format so you could remix it and improve on the released version by not even trying.  Not that's saying much, as in some quarters, this is regarded as the very worst of New Order.  Here's a "live" (mimed) performance on Popworld with Ana Matronic of DISCO BAND Scissor Sisters (sorry Stephen!)

FLLR008 - 04 A Certain Ratio - Wild Party, etc. (from video of the 1987 Ink Stick Japan show)

Covered elsewhere.  Sometimes the same thing gets recycled onto different tapes.
Moving on....

FLLR008 - 05 As It Is When It Was (demo)

The origins of this track are murky.  Originally performed during the band's 1985 Asian tour, at some point a demo version of this recording (the proper one is on Brotherhood) made it out to tape traders, with the attendant (bad) sound quality.  For all I know, it could be a live soundcheck version...but it's not hugely different from the LP version, so...

FLLR008 - 06 Prime 5-8-6 (from Touch cassette)

The tape version (in two parts) leaves a central segment out.  The subsequent CD issue in 1997, as well as the below Youtube version, with boombox-dancing-bearsuit give you the entire thing.

FLLR008 - 07 Everything's Gone Green (live in Torino 2005-07-02).mp3

All right, that this is an MP3 would indicate it didn't come from cassette.
Live recording from Turin in 2005.  I do recall that this was taped using equipment from the 80s (Sony D6)...so there!

FLLR008 (for everything)


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