FLLR 009 - New Order tapes (part 3)

New Order tapes part 3 of unknown
Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest.

FLLR009 - 01 Ceremony (800502, mix AUD-SBD)

FLLR009 - 02 24 Hours  (800502)

Both of these are from Joy Division's final concert at High Hall in Birmingham.  Obviously, you'll see selections from New Order's previous incarnation, it's unavoidable.  Never understood those who like one over the other...it's the same continuum, and in the case of 'Ceremony' a track that was written as Joy Division and released as New Order.

"Ceremony" is a blend from the best-sounding audience version into the "Still" soundboard version, which starts late as it's said the person manning the mixing desk started the tape late.

24 Hours only appears on LP/tape versions...even in 2008, with the Joy Division reissue of "Still"...which believe me, was frustrating....

FLLR009 - 03 Lonesome Tonight (alternate)

Not sure what's "alternate" about this, referring to how this was labelled on the cassete, as it's not the 3:52 version from the 7" promo linked to below (later appearing in digital format on CD3 of International 2) and clocks in at the standard 5:11.  Maybe somebody can tell me.

FLLR009 - 04 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Arthur Baker remix)

This appeared on the CD-S of the 1995 LWTUA single issue.

FLLR005 - 05 Senses (complete from vinyl)

A dirty little secret is that all but the initial versions of 'Movement' truncate the intro to 'Senses'...which wasn't addressed for the 2008 reissues.  Here it is, complete.

FLLR005 - 06 Everything's Gone Green (sample) (810515_AB Brussels)

One of the bits from this show from FBN7 'A Factory Complication', an ultra rare compilation of Factory bands put out in 1981, most (but not all, like New Order's "Truth" from the same show) of which was reissued by LTM for their "Umbrellas In The Sun" compilation.  This looks to be a digitization of the FAC bn 7 version. 

FLLR005 - 07 Swiss radio interview, April 1984 (beginning)

Same interview as featured here, great answer from Stephen regarding their original name. 
Notable quotables:  "bom bom bom bom bom"..."if you've got any problems, change your name"

FLLR005 - 08 The Perfect Kiss (homaid 12in reconstruction)

Reconstruction of one of the Razormaid remixes, this of the 12" version.   The LP version will feature in our next installment.   Superb wordplay...nearly good as the track.


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