FLLR 033 - Section 25 tapes (part 1)

Firstly, the main course (the Section 25 gig) is on Youtube.  You can watch it below.  It got a thumbs up from none other than Fractured / Image who has been doing yeoman's work with his own sharing.

The assemblage of "filler" is actually taken from multiple tapes as there are multiple recordings of this show.

Remember the tagline:  "Between what you wanted and the end of the tape..."  this site is devoted (though may not be limited to) the effort to fill every inch of tape with whatever good bad ugly or downright bizarre sounds are out there.

First up, the encore track of New Order's Reading Uni 8th May 1981 gig, which you can watch on YouTube.  The tracks there are split, whereas on the tape, they run together.

Next up, two tracks from a 2000 Götterdämerung broadcast.  I'll link to the video, but I can't watch it in the USA since it's blocked by WMG due to copyright, at least without trying to defeat the geolocation YouTube uses to determine where users are located.

Believe it's Transmission from the BBC 'Something Else' broadcast and the LP version of New Dawn Fades with wind effects mixed in.  Here's a static image of this because the YouTube link for some reason has been blocked on copyright grounds, I'm hopeful this is due to the long-rumored officially-released video compilation of all Joy Division footage being actively worked on.

The next item is an "Ideal For Living" book review, written by Mark Johnson, featuring none other that Stephen Patrick Morrissey, who has own take on it (not altogether postitive, of course), one Tony Blackburn, who found it incredibly boring, and found bits disturbing, and George Michael (of Wham!), who goes on record here as being a huge fan of Closer but finding Paul Morley's participation problematic.  The snippet cuts out midway through Michael's bit, but can be watched here in full:

These four items take us through our first Section 25 tape, which is from the one recording.

We move on to the next one...

The next four tracks (Love Bites, Noise Annoys, Orgasm Addict, and Oh Shit) are live Buzzcocks tracks, claiming to be from a fan club record called "Gifts Of Love", which is really a bootleg that falsely claims it is a "New Hormones" release and was recording live at Club 57 NYC 1979 during the Buzzcocks first US tour.

I actually found two entries on Discogs, here's the other.  I've requested they be merged.  We'll see what happens.  I also fixed a typo in "orgasm".  I will make no further comment on the matter.

These all appear on the second recording of this show, which interestingly enough has copies using both Dolby B and Dolby C from the same person who taped this (unknown), which provides samples from Salem 66 / Neats / DBs performances taken from the Dolby B version of the tape.  These samples were presumably provided to get the recipient interested in hearing these in full, but it's unknown if the full tapes of these were ever shared, but now we know they are out there!

Salem 66, an all-female indie folk-punk outfit from Boston who recorded for Homestead Records, opened for Neats (another Boston band) at Irving Plaza on 19th January 1985, which means that this taper only attended the first Section 25 Danceteria show on the 17th.

The DBs show was taken from an Irving Plaza show the prior month, on the 22nd of December, 1984.

I don't have any track IDs.  The "9.75" rating uses the system certain American tapers (including the recipient) were utilizing and is pretty much the highest rating any audience recording can receive.  To quote, 9.75 is "SUPERB (EXTREMELY CLEAR) - Mostly a radio broadcast or soundboard recording that has the slightest amount of hiss.  May also be an outstanding audience recording (e.g. Sony TC-D5 master tape)"

While there was an entry for the Db show, the Salem 66/Neats ones were not documented on setlist.fm prior to this writeup.  These have now been added.

One can see why these entries take some time to write.  Discogs / setlist.fm / YouTube / band info sites, etc. etc. etc.

FLLR 033 - Section 25 tapes (part 1) - DOWNLOAD / STREAM / ENJOY


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