FLLR 004 - Sony HiFi Mystery Tape pt.1

FLLR 004
Sony HiFi mystery tape
circa late '90s/early 00s...part one

The late 90's/early 00s were a bit of a blur to me, with marriage and the immediate birth of my oldest two children.  This tape I believe dates from that era.  It was stuck in a case that, while intriguing, had nothing to do with the contents on it.  I'll reproduce the insert for part two.

As you can see, with quite a few of my tapes, it was wound all the way through the A side and starts in on side B.  I skipped a few songs in...left off with Big Country's In A...eponymous tune, followed by five songs that I only have a vague memory about.

FLLR004 - 01 "We are the chosen people..."   "And there are no innocent people"....I should be able to identify this song...but cannot...sadness.

FLLR004 - 02  "Standing in your shadow / falling lights just right..."  "It's a chance I have to give you something, something broken / I can't hide from you now / It's too late now those words were spoken."  "Can I shake your hand?  It's finished now, it's grown too old / My mistake was thinking that you never grow this cold."  Vaguely recall this was some obscure 80s synth group....this is *very* catchy.

FLLR004 - 03   Instrumental drum n' bass track that sounded something like something the The Other Two would compose.  Didn't think at that point that this tape would also have a New Order connection, but the following two tracks confirm that group is never far from my mixtapes/soundscapes.

FLLR004 - 04  New Order - World In Motion.  From one of the DJ subscription service tracks.  This is one of those times it's helpful to be vaguer than necessary.

FLLR004 - 05  A cover of New Order's "Dream Attack", but not either by O'ou or Kites With Lights, but a much better cover.

I should note that per the spectograph above, tracks 02-04 were likely sourced online and dubbed onto the cassette.  Those, along with track 05, have been hiss-reduced for more enjoy-ability.

Part 2  (FLLR 005) will follow next week sometime...


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