FLLR 006 - Sony HiFi Mystery Tape pt. 3

Third and final part devoted to this mystery tape....

FLLR006 - 01 - Blur - Song Two

Its appearance would have postdated seeing Blur for the first and only time live at Shoreline in Mountain View (June 14th, 1997) where they opened for, among other groups, Erasure and The Cure, Dick Dale, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and (egads!) Third Eye Blind.

SFGate has a mini-review of the proceedings... 

All I remember is that my wife, seven months pregnant, cut short our trip once she started to spell the ganja smoke wafting its way around for The Cure, who admittedly need that sort of "assistance" to be enjoyable, since by all accounts, they aren't showmen in the same way that a band like Erasure are.   Up to that point she was a trooper...and I got to watch a few tracks on the closed-circuit as we were making our way out.

FLLR006 - 02 - South Park theme, samples

Still going in some kind of zombied afterlife, the late 90s was to a large degree signposted by the debut of Matt Stone & Trey Parker's batshit insane animated series.  You can hear the buzz as this was captured off TV...probably Les Claypool's finest work.

"No kitty, this is my paté!".  "Mom, kitty's being a dildo!"  "I know a certain kitty kitty that's sleeping with mommy tonight!"  Ah, joy.

FLLR006 - 03 - Tool - Opiate

Deaf and dumb and blind and born to follow...what you need is something strong to guide you....

A song based on the premise that religion is the opiate of the people, something that may dad always told me.  So a life that minimizes the influence organized religion FOR ME seems the way to go.
Your mileage may very.

Jesus Christ, why don't you come save my life now / Open my eyes, blind me with your light now

"Maynard makes everything I used to think was edgy look like a kitten calendar... ", a comment left on the YouTube video of the song that I found (no idea how official this is, probably not very...) which is quite...something.

My God's will becomes me / when he speaks, he speaks through me / He has needs, like I do / We both want / to rape you

Opiate and Sober are two of their masterpieces and some of the best songs recorded in the '90s. 

For more funny moments from Mr. Maynard, go here, one of those being Maynard judo throwing a fan who rushed on stage and holding him down for 10 whole minutes..."well, it was MY stage..."
There's an archive of brilliant stuff out there if you want to dig in, one final video is
Maynard on President Donald Trump, in 2018  (hint: not a fan)

And now, some more funny moments...

FLLR006 - 04 - Jar Jar Binks Must Die

The dark ages of Star Wars, when Lucas decided to resurrect the franchise...

Die die / Jar Jar Binks Must Die!

FLLR006 - 05 - Howard Stern and Mr Rogers

I got rightfully upbraided when making my opinion known shortly after his passing, but I'm not the first to notice some of the weirdness going on involving Mr Rogers.   My wife thought he was a bit creepy and wouldn't watch him growing up.

Here's another famous example:

I get all soapy....and the soap suds are all over me...then my grandfather would take this hose...and go like this with me...he'd squirt it all over me...

Howard Stern otherwise can go to hell...

FLLR006 - 06 - Test Of Time (Mark Borle) - The Warez Song

An anthem to the old skool downloaders.  I'm not sure if the original version is available anywhere else...a re-recorded version is available here:

FLLR006 - 07 - The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

Another dimension / Another dimension...

Intergalactic planetary / planetary intergalactic

The Beasties probably deserve their own post.  This won't be it.  Like that they mixed up all their influences and broke from being strictly hip-hop.  R.I.P MCA, and much respect for the Beastie Boys not choosing to exploit his passing.

FLLR006 - 08 - Fatboy Slim - The Rockafella Skank

Nothing said late '90s like Big Beat, with Fatboy Slim (one Norman Cook from the Housemartins) being one of the main proponents.  Fatboy / Chems / Underworld...etc. etc.   Rock was dead.  It still is!

FLLR006 - 09 - Big Country - In A Big Country

In a big country 
Dreams stay with you
Like a lover's voice
Fires the mountainside
Stay alive!

This song links the topicals of the above song to more eldritch, mysterious music...and their influence shows up in the weirdest places.  The more we hang out the weirder we get... and my musical tastes only became more left-field...from top 40 to modern rock/alternative to post-punk/minimal synth/truewave/psych/garage/goth/dreamgaze as all subgenres fracture into abject nothingness....



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