FLLR 012 - New Order Tapes (part 6)

New Order tapes part 6 of unknown
Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest.

FLLR012 - 01 880621 - Radio City NZ 194 FM - 'Disco Club' Mix

This is pretty obscure, an unknown "Disco Club" mix from New Zealand radio blending True Faith, Confusion, and Bizarre Love Triangle, and Subculture.  Totally exclusive to this show.  Love the orchestral strings at the start.

FLLR012 - 02 Paradise ('87 Aus Remix) 12 in dub

This, of course, is the Robert Racic mix.  One of my favorite NO remixes, and as far as I know, never released on CD or elsewhere, except maybe on a random compilation or three.

The first two tracks were taken from a tape of one of New Order's 1987 Australian shows.

FLLR012 - 03 DC-860911_Roxy_Hollywood_M2

Durutti Column recorded live in their only US tour.  A copy of my friend's recording, first four songs.  Very unlikely we'll see them on these shores ever again, sadly.

tracks:  Prayer / Arpeggiator / Jongleur Grey / English Landscape Tradition

This was a copy of a copy (that's what the "M2" stands for) which was filler on a recording from Wellington '82, which you can listen to below...the band performed their best shows in out of the way places...

Next up is their first Peel Session....

FLLR012 - 04 NO-810216_Peel_Session_first

tracks as released:  Truth / Senses / ICB / Dreams Never End

Tracks as they appear here:  Senses / ICB / Dreams Never End / Truth

Probably taken from a LP bootleg of the broadcast, although I haven't identified from which source it's from.

Also provided as filler on the Wellington '82 recording the DC tracks were on.  These selections were 15-16 minutes in length because I'm guessing that required a pair of C90 tapes to fill, since the show was a marathon by 1982 New Order standards  

FLLR012 - 05 unknown megamix (Bizarre Love Triangle and Angel Dust)

Yet another megamix to ID, this and all that follow are filler from another AU/NZ recording, this one from The Venue in Melbourne in 1987.  The Hooky interview tracks below actually precede these in sequence, but for editorial reasons I've presented them last.

FLLR012 - 06 Christofollies - 19851028 - Auckland (complete)

(Featured in an earlier FLLR post all its own)

This particular copy of the 10 minute Birds Nests Roys sounds like a *slight* upgrade for some reason, so will keep it.

YouTube never ceases to amaze, as a music video of that group performaing "Aint Mutatin'" can be viewed here, shared by none other than the Flying Nun Records' YouTube account.

FLLR012 - 07 Hiss layers (from UKBT M3)

Yes, this is a 19 second recording of hiss, one of the tricks (not usually that successful) used to guess at audio lineage.  I noticed the last few of these had been exactly ten tracks long so decided to change it up a bit.

The last four tracks are from a Picadilly Radio (later to become Key 103 FM) interview with the Bassy One aired on December 19th, 1987, with the announcer chatting over the intro...sounds like it runs a bit fast....haven't bothered to correct it...

FLLR012 - 08 True Faith

FLLR012 - 09 Hooky interview

FLLR012 - 10 Touched By The Hand Of God

FLLR012 - 11 Hooky (outro)

Hooky describes himself as 5'8" but I'd swear he's not an inch taller than 5'6", likely has lost a couple inches over the years due to his style of playing.  Well over 30 years on from that...he's still gabbing away, always enjoyable to listen to....and he had a chance to meet Iggy Pop, but passed it up.  Of course, the others in his former band would then go onto including him vocalizing on a track on Music Complete (best to avoid) and perform live with him in NYC.  Enjoy!

Also found out here they were asked to play a second night at Wembley Arena (11 Dec 1987) but Barney turned it down!


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