FLLR 013 - New Order Tapes (part 7)

Why a pic of JD/NO Doc Martens?  Why not!

New Order tapes part 7 of unknown

Various and sundry culled from live tapes of the band.  Filler at its finest.

The following are all samples, with most tracks not complete:

FLLR013 - 01 Truth (live Cedar Club, Birmingham, UK, 10.04.81)

FLLR013 - 02 Temptation (live Imperial Cinema, Birmingham, UK, 23.01.82) 

FLLR013 - 03 In A Lonely Place (830312 - Tolworth)

FLLR013 - 04 Blue Monday (live Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, UK, 09.05.83)

FLLR013 - 05 Leave Me Alone (830720 - Hacienda)

FLLR013 - 06 'dickhead' DJ - Confusion (840603 - Birmingham)

FLLR013 - 07 Everything's Gone Green (live City Hall, Hull, UK, 16.08.84)

FLLR013 - 08 Elegia (850409 - Birmingham)

FLLR013 - 09 The Perfect Kiss (live Thames Hall, Fulcrum Centre, Slough, UK, 07.12.85)

FLLR013 - 10 Angel Dust (live Mayfair, Newcastle, UK, 10.09.86)

For the first time, I've made these available to download together, if you'd like.

It would be good to pin down what shows the unknown ones are from.  At one point in this endeavor I would have spent a few hours and managed it, but things don't come as easily now as they used to.

Update:  due to the herculean effort of perspexorange, almost all of these have been identified or verified, the exception being track #2, which is reliant on the labeling for ID.  

YYMMDD - originally identified

live Venue, City, DD.MM.YYY - originally unknown, identified by perspexorange

What I will comment about are that the ones identified do come from seminal recordings.  Tolworth (in Kingston, somewhere in South London) was copied widely from the mixing board, probably in an effort to embarrass erstwhile band chronicler Mark Johnson and the SMG643Y scooter he rode in on, and had to retrieve from an articulated lorry as it was apparently obstructing the gear being loaded in or out.  "In A Lonely Place" is in fact complete and captured the glory of early New Order.

The Hacienda show was videoed, with several tracks appearing on one of the Factory compilation video shots VHS/Beta tapes and more footage making it to the "Play At Home" documentary.  It would be wonderful if the IKON archives were confirmed to contain the full video, and this was released.

The June 1984 Birmingham show was marred by an obnoxious DJ trying to implore the band to provide their audience an encore after they had played through the main set.  The band (mostly articulated by Hooky) were having none of it, but still came back on to close with Confusion.

To quote from my semi-decrepit old site which documented some of these live recordings
(I presume a Sylvester would have been a term to refer to a type of denzien found in discotheques)

New Order head off the stage, and there's a tape break. When the tape resumes, there's some reggae/dub-type music over the PA.

DJ: "I don't know if you'd get anymore, but if you want some, you better shout for it."

So folks shout for it.

The DJ then plays the opening bars to "Blue Monday" but then stops it, to loud booing. The reggae music comes back on. There's another break at 1:37, resuming with more music. [this is where our sample starts]

And then New Order come back on, with what has to be one of the most memorable exchanges to come from the band (between tracks, anyway):

PH: "So we've only come back on to tell the fucking DJ what a fucking dickhead he is, all right?"

DJ: "That works two ways then, doesn't it, you know? They want more, just give it to 'em."

PH: "Why don't you fuck off. Mind your own fookin' business."

The crowd is well riled up at this point, and a couple of punters hurl insults out while the band soundcheck their instruments.

punter #1: "Fucking Sylvester"
punter #2: "Sieg Heil"
punter #1: "Wanker!"
punter #2: "Bring back Ian Curtis!"


BS: "Can we have, er, a moment of silence, for uh, respect. Please be nice to us."

Of course, the track starts right off.

Bernard then cries for the sequencer to be turned up.
No similar hijinks for the following year's Midlands visit.  In fact, the audience seemed a bit quiet, as Bernard implies they're a bit quiet.  "Well, there's a few poets in the audience, this next one is very...quiet...and beautiful...just like all of you...until we start playing again."  Elegia deserves to be heard in all of its 17 minute glory.  There's probably better-sounding versions, but didn't like their title graphs, so you get the one with 2.5m pageviews and thousands of comments.


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