FLLR 017 - Unknown NZ bands

A group of four songs by NZ bands included on an old New Order tape that has been kicking about.

Two All of these have been identified now, thanks Chris!

A1  They Were Expendable  - Big Strain  (with Jay Clarkson on vox)

A2  Toy Love - Frogs

A3  Beat Rhythm Fashion - War Worlds

A4  The Gordons - Quality Control

A1 is "Big Strain" by They Were Expendable.  (no they weren't, only just now saw a message altering me to my typo!)

More from Jay Clarkson - "The Boy With The Sad Hands", the only video of her post-band...

More songs available on this YouTube auto-generated playlist.

A2 is "Frogs" by Toy Love - available on Bandcamp.

A3 is "War Worlds" by Beat Rhythm Fashion, track 11 on "Bring Real Freedom". - available on Bandcamp through album purchase, only a track preview.

A4 is "Quality Control" by The Gordons ...not released but YouTube turns up the following.

* The version from "Volume Two", which goes for about $200, if you can find a copy for sale, as it has never been reissued

* A live version from 1981, at the Gladstone in Christchurch

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed FLLR 016, which would be Volume 10 of New Order filler, has been skipped.  This will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks, I just wanted a placeholder without breaking continuity of having 10 in a row versus 9 in a row.


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