FLLR 016 - New Order Tapes (part 10)

 New Order tapes part 10 of unknown.

This tape was the source of a gigographical inaccuracy introduced in late November 2001 with the insertion of "In A Lonely Place" (known in taping circles as Little Boy) into the setlist.  

This can be documented here, via looking at the New Order gigography, referred to as "Waterrat", as that was the name that site maintainer Anthony Leal used for his domain,  the version on archive from 10/7/2001 on the old Waterrat NO gigography only lists 10 tracks, comparing it to the version on there from 12/18/2001 on Waterrat's site. shows the addition of Little Boy, which interestingly enough, was added between "Confusion" and "Age Of Consent", not where it is situated here, where it is (appropriately enough) inserted as tape filler to round out Side A.  The notes I maintain as to when a listing was updated also fall in line with the change caused by the appearance of this tape.

version 1.44.4  11/26/01
NO-830424  Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland (Eire)
           note about performance date
NO-830424  Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland (Eire)                            
           writeup...this was probably the broadcast date  
           (ed note: not the case)

In fact this error persisted until yesterday, when it was pointed out to me and corrected on new-order.net/no/gigs.  The error is still present on the setlist.fm site, though I may correct it at some point, and on the New Order Online (NOOL) Concert Browser (out of my hands) which demonstrates these are ultimately derived from (at least for old entries) from the Waterrat-hosted new-order.net list.

As you can see, there's no indication besides closely listening to note that Little Boy wasn't a part of the proceedings...though it's clear that unlike the FM tracks that comprise the rest of the Kilkenny recording, this is taken from an excellent-quality audience recording, which a cohort has informed me is from Bournemouth 1983-12-02.

Rounding out the listing are a pair of soundchecks which were uncommon at the time, both Bizarre Love Triangle and Age Of Consent from Hemel Hempstead on 8 Nov 1985, and Thieves Like Us and Ultraviolence from St. Austell from 23 Aug 1984 but *not* The Perfect Kiss, as while the listing here suggests it's part of the soundcheck, in fact it's the video version (FAC 321) edit available here.

It looks like that is correctly accounted for, so no need to fix that.

As Kilkenny will be included in the forthcoming PC&L boxset, I will not be including it here.  Plus, and this is important, it's NOT FILLER.

Download/stream FLLR016 here.

Another tiny niglet is that even though I set the deck for Type II tape, it sounds like it's bias-mismatched.  It may be these Maxell UD-II tapes are treated like high bias but in fact perform like low bias.   If anybody cares, I made available a subdirectory with bias-corrected samples, as well as tape inserts that I was sent associated with this.


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