FLLR 018 - Stereolab Plus


Filler from a Stereolab tape that I recently shared.  Think these are samples from another show, but I don't know which.   You can hear on 'Transcoma Five' the band was looking for gaffer tape, likely to hold the vocal mics in place and Læticia explaining "technical difficulties" to the crowd.

There's some question about the date ID for the Blumfeld track since to quote autopilot,
"setlist.fm throws a further spanner in the works by suggesting that the 1995 line-up was Pavement/Mercury Rev/Crowsdell not Blumfeld", so the ID on the spine label may be wrong...
Stereolab sample-bits:
Wow and Flutter  (0:05)
Transcoma Five  (2:16)
Ronco Symphony  (0:48)
bonus:  Blumfeld - E-Work, Köln (live 26 Jun 1995)     (9:03)

FLLR 018 - Stereolab Plus


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