FLLR 019 - MBV 1989 Ephemeria

 FLLR 019 - MBV 1989 Ephemeria


These My Bloody Valentine tapes from "ideal.copy" (I-Beam SF 6/12/89 and Berkeley Square 6/14/89) have already been digitized and shared on DIME, which for the last 15 years has been the popular go-to lossless Bittorrent-based site for whatever items of independent origin have surfaced, but what hasn't made it anywhere were the filter tracks from them, since for the most part they're just from records, and thus not sharable there. 

This being Tape Filler dot org, and these being tape filler, I thought it would be good to present these here to whoever would be interested in them.

Here they are, split into three portions corresponding with each of the tapes.   The Primitives demo track is definitely worth listening to.


Shop Assistants - Almost Made It  (2:18)
Blow Up - Slip Into Something (rough mix)  (6:30)
Spacemen 3 - Hypnotized  (2:55)


mbv890612_bit (10s)
New Order - Don't Do It  (4:34)
New Order - Dream Attack  (2:02)


mbv890614_leader (10s)
The Primitives - Crash (1985 demo)  (2:20)
The Primitives - Things Get In Your Way  (2:21)
The Primitives - Crash  (2:07)
New Order - Fine Time  (4:02)
New Order - Best And Marsh  (4:29)
New Order - Vanishing Point ['Making Out' mix] (faded)  (4:18)
My Bloody Valentine - Thorn (cut) [A side]  (0:57)
Here's a second version of the Primitives Crash demo which I found on YouTube (the first is up there too)...

ALVVAYS covered this track live in Japan near the end of 2018

Don't Put Your Finger...On The Button!


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