FLLR MC11-45 - Modern Classics Vol. #11

Modern Classics Vol. 11 #45

Side A - 6/4 - 6/6

UK Café 6/4/90 (live)
The House Of Love - Christine
The Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict [from '77]
Someone's really confused - Confusion + 2 Live samples
Live 105 Interview w/Modern English
6/6/1990 by Mark Hamilton - approximately 20 minutes
interview segment 1
Life's Rich Tapestry
interview segment 2
I Melt With You ('90 version)
 interview segment 3
Dawn Chorus
Roxy Music - Avalon  [from radio]
Cocteau Twins - Lazy Calm  [from my Victorialand LP]
Ian McCulloch - Candleland (2nd coming extended mix) [from CD-S]
Durutti Column - When The World (Newson mix/edit)  [from CD-S]

<< Interesting for the Modern English interview which was aired live on-air.  The HoL and Buzzcocks live tracks may not be super-common.  Quite like the sequencing / chill vibe of the last five songs on here after the strum und drang of the initial selections >>

Side B - 6/7

UK Café 6/7/90
Featuring Lord Hollingsworth, which was really Steve Masters in an endearingly silly skit that bookends some really good tracks.
Trashcan Sinatras - Only Tongue Can Tell
Five Thirty - Abstain 
Fields Of The Nephilim - For Her Light

Excellent dark JD/NO linking tracks
New Order - Doubts Even Here
Joy Division - Something Must Break

Then we go somewhat off the rails...
2 Live Crew - C'mon Babe
Pop Will Eat Itself - Beaver Patrol
2 Live Crew - My Seven Bizzos

Live tracks, which unfortunately I couldn't transfer
dating from 8/7/90 when this was finalized
Mission UK - In Between Days (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Bombers Bay (live)
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (live)

<< The end of the Mission UK track (a Cure cover!) features glitches meaning the transport wasn't able to turn the reel.  I tried changing these into a different shell but still have the same problem so think I'll have to re-spool this which I'm not really equipped for unless I buy something which can play cassettes like reels.   At least that allowed me to get that one dubbed.  The others I think are available online.  I don't think the 8/7 date is a typo, I probably did have this sitting around for two months off with some space to fill at the end...perfect for TAPEFILLER.ORG >>


MC11-45 (dl/stream)


Five Thirty - Abstain.  Invented Britpop four years before it came out.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bombers Bay (live).  Fairly sure it was this version.

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (live).  Fairly sure this would have been from Rank as these versions were copied from my records/CDs.


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