FLLR MC9-43 - Modern Classics Vol. #9


Modern Classics Vol. 9  #43

<< Fourth in a series....or should that be ninth?  This one samples from Live 105's broadcast, including a UK Cafe broadcast from 12 July 1990, mixed in with some 12" and CDs I have, including some samples of New Order as "bridge" pieces between segments.  Also features another MC 900 Ft. Jesus track.  Like the last tape, this was a C60 that I must have gotten as a freebie from my dad's grocery store.  >>

Side A - 7/12/90

Falco - Der Commissar
Kon Kan - Puss n' Boots
Revenge - Big Bang
UK Café 7/20/90
Stone Roses - One Love (new!)
Girls At Our Best - Politics
Drumfish - Papa '90
Funny enough, it wasn't until years later before I would meet my good friend who goes by "GaoBest", after the band who sings "Politics".

bridge #1 (New Order - True Faith)
House Of Shock - Middle Of Nowhere

Side B - 7/12/90 

New Order - Confusion ('90 Alternative Remix)
Revenge - Pineapple Face's Revenge
MC 900 Ft Jesus - Too Bad
Chelsea - Urban Kids

bridge #2 (James Brown + Revenge Bleachman intro)
Alphaville - Forever Young
Tears For Fears - Mad World
Camouflage - The Great Commandment (edit)

As sketchy as the tape looked, being neither TDK nor Maxell, at least it played cleanly.  The next two tapes...not so much.  At least, I can't really fault my taste back then!


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