FLLR 021 - Her Majesty The Baby and mixtape ephemeria

Score this under the "miscellaneous" file...and a real score for the mission of Tape Filler on multiple fronts.

One of the Her Majesty tapes had a couple of Gilberto (both Astrud and Joāo) tracks, which I've included here.  You get "O Grande Amor" (2:03), with a bit of Stereolab's 'Underground Metronome' mixed in, sounds like a recording test done beforehand as well as "The Girl From Ipanema" (3:48) for your trouble, along with dialup/modem connection noises!

I also have the following sample excerpts inspired by playing, fulfilling my inner Razormaid.  All were looped in Adobe Audition's multitracker.

MC7-41 Ecnadnair (0:41) - Features samples from Electronic's "Getting Away With It" Razormaid mix.

IND0-50 Don't Be A Drag (3:45)  - I'm proud of this deconstruction/reconstruction I did using this Neon Judgement track, though it ends a bit weakly, and some of the transitions are a bit abrupt.

NS5-53  SugarTransTourHilltopDawnPump (3:16) - Another decowrecko.  Took a few of the tracks on this particular comp and looped them along with the "Mars Needs Women"....probably the best of the bunch technically.

FLLR 021 - listen


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