FLLR 024 - UNREST 10 Sep 1992 Peel Session


10 Sep 1992
Peel Session

Four Women Walking  [1:02]
Teenage Suicide  [2:52]
Firecracker  [2:06]
Three Layer Cake  [3:22]
John Peel outro  [0:14]

This version, which sounds rougher than the one up on YouTube linked above, includes John Peel's comments about the last track, so it's worth having for that reason.  It also isn't edited as cleanly as the above so you can hear snippets of Peelie talking right before the starts of each of the tracks.
This was CD filler (so not precisely *tape* filler) on a New Order recording from '83 from Nightlife in Austin.  The other tracks are forthcoming and will be all assembled in their own (longer) post, even if they have earlier "faux matrix" numbers.

FLLR 024 - link to stream/download


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