FLLR 026 - Natalie's College Professor 1991


My wife Natalie's one recording!

Not music, though.

She was taking a world history class back at the University Of Toronto (around 1991 or so), and was taping the lecture to take notes later.  This specifically dealt with South Africa and all of their apartheid-related laws....this would have been about the time they were starting to work their way out of the madness.

She used the following to capture it, a GE AVR microcassette deck.

She doesn't remember the name of the professor, but did remember he didn't have a car and she had to pick him up at the side of the road once.

Anyway, here's the lecture for you to "enjoy".  I actually listened through it, wasn't bad, even though the speaker seems to have a bit of a heavy accident accent which sounds eastern European.


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