FLLR 028 - Misc AV320 recordings

 So my first digital recording device was an Archos AV320, which is shown here.

Remember, this was several years before iPhones and being able to enjoy movies on the go.  This also played MP3s, but man was it bulky...and buggy.  I previously had a Jukebox Multimedia JBMM20, but that didn't support remote recording and had a tiny screen as well.

Unfortunately, the AV20 turned out to be a very poor choice for the recordings I wanted to do, as anything with a portable spinning HDD in it does not like being jostled or moved.  I would only use this for two shows until I replaced this with a Sony Hi-MD (records to WAV), which lasted for a couple of years.

So for some reason I saved some recordings I made to it as a part of testing it out.

...including this GEM from Robot Wars which I'm surprised hasn't been sampled by any of those wacky pro-Brexiters (or has it?)...."yes, the borders have gone back up, we've said "SEE YOU" to the EU and European harmony most definitely stops HERE.  This is about national pride.  This is about to go ballistic.  This is ROBOT WARS.  LET THE WARS begin! Schiffel entente or total affront?  Camaraderie or chaos?  Diplomacy or destruction? We don't want Euro united, we want Euro DYNAMITED."

Looks like this was filmed Jan/Feb 2003.  Of course, this is online (only upped last year), so the episode is directly available on YouTube now, along with I'm sure most everything else Robot Wars, yay!

Also includes a digitization of a Disney 7" of Robin Hood.  Not sure which one of these versions, though.

Seemed to remember it had this cover.  Wish we had a Robin Hood for today to undo the obscene upward transfer of wealth over the past 40 years which seems to have hyper-accelerated in the past few months.  But don't want to dwell on such sadness...I'm going to watch some more battle bots go at it!

Anyway, here are all the miscellanea in FLLR 028 for you to enjoy.

FLLR 028 - Misc AV320


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