FLLR 030 - New Order Tapes (part 12)


New Order Tapes
Part 12
More collected flotsam and jetsam from various New Order tapes collected by myself and others over the years.
The first three tracks comprise Section 25's first Peel Session from January 1981, featuring "Hit", "One True Path", and "Babies In The Bardo".  This can be viewed on Youtube, here, courtesy of Vibracobra23...

The next two tracks are also fairly common, the first of which was their 1984 BBC "Top Of The Pops" Blue Monday performance, where they famously chose not to mime, only to find that their single sank afterwards, but other groups would then go up to them and apologize to them for faking it!

Was recently spotted that New Order themselves (on the neworder Youtube account) are now sharing these in pristine broadcast quality.
Originally broadcast 31st March 1983:

As a bonus, they also shared Thieves Like Us, on the 3rd May 1984  (note: this wasn't on any of the filler I'm presenting, but if located, I'll add it):

The second of these is "Love Dance", commonly mis-attributed to New Order, but really done by a London outfit called The Bridge.  This is the longest "Love Mix":

Anyway they would go in a more indie, dream-pop direction with their Firestation Records material, of which I own 2013's "Face Down Everyone Looks The Same" comp, but not the one released in 2015 called 'What Does It Take To Make You Love Me?"

Here's "Shame Is A Girl" from 1986...which really sounds like it could have been a Magic Bullets tune from the late '00s...


Even more true with the b-side of their 1986, called "The Loveless" (anticipating the New Order song three years later)... 

Amazingly, there are a couple of live tracks videoed at the Mean Fiddler in London, filmed 16 June 1986...if the dating on the vid itself can be believed...

Moving right along, we then run into a cover of Public Image by Public Image Ltd. and another song called "You're The Best Baby", looks like both of which were recorded live.  The artists for both of these is unknown and sound like the same band to me.

And lastly, a few tracks that comprise unplaced 1984 era soundcheck material by New Order.

The first of these is a bit of The Perfect Kiss, under 2 minutes.  Completely unknown source.

The last two tracks were found on a tape with a recording of Uni Mensa in Dusseldörf from 30 March 1984 (the insert depicted is for illustration purposes, unfortunately the tape I have of this doesn't include these tracks), which also included the 20 August 1984 Margate soundcheck...continuing with a rudimentary run through The Perfect Kiss, and then some unknown drum and guitar noodling, individually tracked.  Thanks to perspexorange for sourcing these, hoping we can identify them.

The last five tracks (along with the others) are available below:

FLLR 030 - New Order Tapes (part 12)


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