FLLR 025 - The Mighty Lemon Drops - 24 Apr 1988 - Palace, Hollywood


The Mighty Lemon Drops
24 April 1988
The Palace
Hollywood, CA
Happy Head 
Hollow Inside
Fall Down (Like The Rain)
Closer To You
My Biggest Thrill
'Things That You Should Know'
In Everything You Do
Crystal Clear
Yes, this is "filler" for a New Order soundcheck recording that comprises side B (which I already had in better quality), or maybe that was filler for this.  Who knows, all I know is that this wasn't documented on setlist.fm, at least until now.

This tape was received as part a collection of about 150 or so New Order tapes I got from BV back around 1999 or so.  I will also share this (in 16 bit/44.1kHz form) on a popular Bittorrent trading site, just so we can find out more about the track I have single parenthesis on which may have a different title than 'Things That You Should Know' (ironic, that).  Interestingly enough, I have a faint recollection that I may have shared this recording back in 2004 on another site that was known as EZT, but prior to where I was keeping any great records.

And yes, this filler has filler!  Which is interesting because both are antepoedian (OZ/NZ) bands, so this establishes that BV likely received this tape from none other than DAP (aka "Crankingamps"), and that it's probably AU2.

Update : looks like it's from directly from bcingyou and is AU1, and an upgrade from his master tape may be forthcoming at some point, and that the filler was the sort of stuff he'd pad onto tapes.  Another mystery solved.

I'm using initials/handles because putting full names online w/o express permission is unnecessary.

The first is this utterly fantastic song by Adelaide group MARK OF CAIN.


This EP was released in 1993 so this copy was made some time in the mid-90s.  The final track Lords Of Summer borrows riffs from Joy Division's "Dead Souls"....speaking of which....

The next track is a cover of "Transmission" from a Wellington NZ group called D-Vice.

It's was released from a 1985 single of theirs, though this I believe is a live take.



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