FLLR 035 - New Order Tapes (part 15)

Installment fifteen....yes, 15...of New Order tape filler brings us quite an assortment of items.

The first track includes a live track from a Jimmy Page / Paul Rodgers collaboration called "The Firm"...I don't know what the track is called.   And that will be that, as I really don't want to get into a long-winded diatribe about their performance since I couldn't care less about Led Zeppelin or Bad Company, but just in case you do...

Photo Copyright : Atlantic Records UK/Warner Music UK Ltd./Jimmy Page/Paul Rodgers, 1985


Next up are a few selections from Gordon Gano's outfit Violent Femmes, "It's Gonna Rain", the intro of "Horns Of Dilemma" without the bulk of the song, and "Gimme The Car"  Not sure where this is from.

Here's them playing "It's Gonna Rain" from 2016....while everything else has, his voice indeed has not changed...and the banjo, sax, and Weber grill as an impromptu drum set are very nice touches.

And here's them playing "Horns Of Dilemma"...in full...at the I-Beam...in 1985

And "Gimme The Car" from La Edad de Ora from TVE in Madrid, also 1985. 

And of course, even though it's not present here, you cannot leave without a rendition of "Blister In The Sun", performed acoustically in 2019...and what the song is about...great to see these two still playing after all these years, because I never thought to look until now!

Next up... and switching to the main topic of obsession for a number of us...Atmosphere from the Central London Polytechic...Hooky:  "C'mon, a little respect!"....this is taken from an audience recording, and this excerpt fades out after the intro of "Dreams Never End"...but the soundboard recording was reportedly nicked right from the desk and copied widely.  It can readily be found both in bootleg form as "More Than Despair" and now, online via Ye Olde Tube...

From the boot LP:

And recently shared by Fractured/Image in the past couple weeks, a low-gen version of both gig & soundcheck...

That takes us to...Erasure.  Wait, what?  All the interesting things you will find as filler on New Order gigs...anyway, I found an itenerary along with typical sets from their preformances... I guess Erasuregig hasn't been updated since 2014, though Erasure has continued to perform up through this year.

Anyway, there's quite a few full video sets online, and one audio-only, so here's what I was able to dig up...


 1989-12-11 London Arena (attributed date in the vid title is wrong)


1990-01-26/27/28 London Arena + 6/4-5 Music Zone Authority, Tokyo JAPAN


1990-03-30 Parque Central Stadium Montevideo URUGUAY (audio only)

1990-03-31 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 

1990-06-16 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA


1990-09-01 Milton Keynes Bowl


That was flamboyant. 

Next up...a complete different kettle of fish, Ireland's own Therapy?

Couldn't find anything from this 2004 Ruisrock fest, so instead here's from 10 years earlier, from Provinssirock, Seinajoki, Finland, June 11th 1994

Of course, New Order had played there 12 years before...

I actually had a hand in surfacing that particular audio recording, you can read Juha's account about the proceedings...including how he climbed up a tower to position the recorder in an advantageous position.

Come next year, for the 40th anniversary of each 1982 show, and thereafter...I'll be updating https://gigography.new-order.net/ cleaning up the original text detail listings and hyperlinking videos in there.

For the last two Order songs bookending this collection, I won't say any more that what can be said about Ceremony, other than this is the one song that bands like Radiohead / Galaxie 500 / Xiu Xiu  have particularly shone through covering.

Radiohead - Ceremony (live Thumbs Down Webcast 2007) 

Galaxie 500 - Ceremony (live Club Lingerie Hollywood 1990-03-30)

Xiu Xiu - Ceremony (live 2007 at Bloomington IL Culture Shock Festival)

 (this is amazing, by the way...gives me chills watching it, this song has always been very personal to Jamie Stewart, and even if the rest of his oeuvre doesn't appeal to you, he gets my respect for this)

And for our last song "The Happy One", which I take my online nom de guerre from, this is what inspires it.

Here's a reconstruction done by Roy Troutman from the bits on the Substance 1989 video....impressed that he cleaned it up so you can't tell it's from VHS...there's one other place (a CD-R promo release) to get these tracks...


There are about five versions of the "Other Side Of Midnight" live performance by Hooky (only) online, this is the most complete at least in terms of video footage, though one of the other shorter versions has better audio...

I was previously unaware that Hooky would play this a couple of times again for the song's 30th anniversary in 2019, solo, without the other members of the Light.  Here's a live version filmed in Detroit.

And there you have it, another tAPE fILLER in the bag.  The next installment will be posted Jan-Feb 2022....



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