FLLR 037 - New Order Tapes (part 16)


This starts with 30 seconds of audience ambience, and 30 seconds of Sisters Of Mercy playing Emma (not the Hot Chocolate tune)

There are at least 72(!) bands that have been called "The End" (in all conceivable genes, though most involve guitar music), so even my best google-fu has not yet uncovered which of these this was.

I had though this was the Australian band The End(16), with Brett Myers, who went on to play in Died Pretty, but it's not.

These songs are really good.  If anybody can shed more light on this, please get in touch!

For Echo & The Bunnymen, these tracks provide the filler for this particular offering.

Tracks from Radio City Music Hall in NYC, during the 2nd North American leg of their tour that year.  The Bunnymen are up to nearly 1400 live performances, which is a lot, they've been around for nearly 45 years (give or take 1993-1996, and they took a break in 2000)

Soul Kitchen (The Doors) / New Direction / Show Of Strength / Lips Like Sugar / Thorn Of Crown (cut)

Some chatter over the tracks, and even a fight "Listen for the fight in front of me!" the Post-It observes...which you can hear during the Doors cover, ah such is live.



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