FLLR 038 - New Order (side project) Tapes (part 17)


Well, some of the filler isn't from New Order, per se, but since it's still New Order related I won't alter the numbering scheme.

The first few tracks were from the heralded return of New Order, after a five year absence where all the members went onto their various side projects, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success.  

I figure most of the members by then were running on fumes so it was not a moment too soon when they all got back together again.  Unfortunately, Gillian's newly born daughter had health issues so going into the 21st century, she ended up being having to suspend her participation, at least until Grace's condition improved and/or was managed (I don't know any intimate details)

Regret 'TFI Friday' (27 Nov 1998)

Temptation - Commonwealth Games, Albert Square 21 Sep 1998...with full intro, which I haven't seen before.  This was taped live from Malaysian TV.  New Order introduced...or at least prefaced...by royalty.  Coming on the heels of the World Cup theme.  They had become a part of the musical landscape of the British nation, in a way neither Depeche Mode nor The Cure nor The Smiths/Morrissey  have (to date) achieved....I credit Anthony Howard and his appropriation of "the People's" artwork by Henry Fantin-Latour...


And finally from the stalwarts of Manchester, their reformation show at The Apollo...

This is Regret (from Shug, hence the FAC383 logo, for The Vikings)

Heart & Soul from the Apollo isn't up on YouTube, so I substituted the snippet from Ally Pally instead, also from Shug.

And now, switching it up...a Talulah Gosh BBC session, but not by John Peel, as you would expect, but one of the other guys, Richard Skinner.  My recording was captured off air, and the first two tracks are simply not great quality, so if you want to hear these in pristine shape, just purchase the release linked to...

Or click on the image below...

And as this Guardian article claims, Talulah Gosh may have been one of the most overachieving bands in history...and this goes well beyond the musical career of Amelia Fletcher, in Heavenly and beyond...

I also need to pick this up at some point.

In a lovely confluence, Ride members played with Motorcycle Boy vocalist Alex Taylor in a project dubbed "Motorcycle Ride"

Union City Blue


Next, the Pixies...again, the exact Futurama Festival performance isn't up on YouTube, but here's one that appears on their 'Death To The Pixies' compilation from the Netherlands...

And keeping to the theme of radio sessions, this ends with some Psychedelic Furs from a mid-1981 BBC session.  As "Pretty In Pink" on here is just the standard release and "All Of This And Nothing" isn't on YouTube, so I won't substitute it, as you can listen to it directly via the link at the very bottom.

But did find "Dumb Waiter", which was released on the Strange Fruit 1997 comp, which goes for quite a bit now.

Dumb Waiter


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